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Sabharwal Law Group, as a competent law firm is driven by a high level of ethics while upholding the highest standards of legal profession.

Apart from the firm’s prime area of practice, which is family Law, we also deal with issues related to civil litigation, criminal law, conveyancing, and wills & estates matters. The firm has highly qualified staff and experienced lawyers who are in good standing with the Law Society of British Columbia.

Sabharwal Law Group’s skills are particularly suited to the needs of those clients who demand quick and specialized professional services. Our commitment in leveraging compe­tent services in family law is reflected in our mandate: Every problem has a solution and we will find it for you! We truly believe that every problem has a solution, and through a calm mind, positive thinking, and strategic planning, every problem can be resolved.

Our firm adamantly advocates for our clients. We work hard to find the appropriate resolution, whether through out of court settlements or by way of litigation in court. Moreover, our firm is able to provide services to Punjabi- and Hindi-speaking clients, and our knowledge of these languages and the South Asian culture enables us to provide better services within the South Asian community as well.

We believe in hard work and dedication to find the appropriate resolution for our clients, whether that is through out-of-court settlements or by way of litigation in court.

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