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The law related to builders liens is found under the Builders Lien Act in British Columbia.

A builders lien creates a charge against a property. The charge basically means that the person or company that registers the builders lien is claiming that the person or company carried out work at the property but has not yet been paid for all or some of that work. The types of work for which a builders lien can be registered against a property include construction projects, repairs to an existing home or structure, or renovations to an existing home or structure.
The type of people or companies who can generally register a builders lien include contractors, subcontractors, engineers and architects, material suppliers, and workers.

There are strict time limits within which a builders lien must be filed. There are different time limits to file lien with respect to holdback funds.

Builders liens can be complicated. Whether you are the person or company who registered the lien or the landowner against whose land the lien is registered, it is advisable to consult a lawyer. For further assistance on this issue

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