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Child Support is the right of the child. When parents separate, child support is an issue that must be dealt with.
Child support is not the right of the parent but of the child. Child support is calculated based on the payor’s annual income. Calculating the payor’s income can be a complex issue if the payor is self employed, has a Corporation, or is hiding income.

With our experienced and trusted team, we can assist you with navigating through the issues surrounding child support.

Section 7 Expenses Special and Extra-Ordinary Expenses

Life’s circumstances are transient and subject to change, as such, certain material changes may warrant the change in Child support Orders. Contact our experienced team to assist you with these issues.

Varying Child Support Orders

Section 7 of the Child Support Federal Guidelines enumerates Special expenses, which are generally shared by the parents proportionally based upon their annual incomes. It is necessary to determine what expenses qualify as Section 7 expenses.

Further issues of post secondary education expenses can be complex to deal with and we can guide you through the issues.

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