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Finding the right Family Lawyer in BC | Know the tips for Child Support Cases!

Are you going through a separation or divorce? If yes, you might be wondering about child support. We understand how divorce can be emotionally exhausting and draining. This is why it is important that you have complete knowledge of child support guidelines. Where during divorce, you might be in a constant state of anxiety about your financial situation but above all, you might be worried about your children the most. 

In this guide, we are going to share with you all the information and instructions about child support during divorce. 

There are several terms that you will come across in this guide including “you” – meaning both you and the other parent, “child support” meaning the money one of you will be paying the other parent for raising your children, “paying parent” is the one who pats the support, and “receiving parent” is the one who received the child support money. 

Let’s discuss the child support guidelines

Hare, in this section, we are going to list the federal guidelines for child support. This is the set of rules that are set to determine child support when the parents are getting separated. In case you are stuck in a divorce and need help, we recommend you hire an experienced divorce attorney. This way, you can be sure of one thing – getting the best for yourself. 

A professional divorce attorney will make sure that you understand

  • Your legal rights and responsibilities and the right of your children.
  • Your responsibilities as patents 
  • Different options you have to resolve the differences between you as a couple. 
  • Understanding how the court system works
  • The process you need to follow. 

These are a few things that a professional divorce lawyer will help you with. 

Let’s get back to the federal guidelines.

Here are the guidelines that you must know if you are looking forward to determining child support while undergoing a divorce. 

  • Establishing a fair standard of support for your children can benefit both parents equally. 
  • Reducing the conflict & tension between parents by objectively calculating the child support. 
  • Treating both parents equally if they are in the same situation. 
  • Making legal processes more efficient and encourage settlements by giving courts as well as parents proper guidance. 

How can you find the right family lawyer? Tips for choosing the best family lawyer! 

Choosing the right family lawyer is very important if you are getting separated. There are many things to consider before making a decision on who to hire as your family lawyer. These tips include – 

  • Start looking for a lawyer as early as possible. 
  • Always check the reviews from their previous clients 
  • Choose the most experienced family lawyer
  • Always decide after meeting the lawyer first. 
  • Know their approach, whether it sinks with what you have in mind or not. 


Since children are involved, it is best that you settle things as comfortably as possible when it comes to child support. For this, you must consider hiring a family lawyer like the one we have in the team of Sabharwal Law Group. If you have any questions about it, you can contact us.