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Facts to know about civil litigation law in Canada

Have you ever been curious about how a class action lawsuit in Canada works? When someone gets into a situation where only words cannot settle things, the civil litigation law comes into the picture. A suit or action is essential if someone has suffered wrongdoing. We cannot live in a society where people can do whatever they want. People, companies, and governments must be held accountable for breaking contracts or causing harm. So, let’s begin the discussion.

What is civil litigation?

Litigation is the process of settling the dispute through the court system. Civil litigation is any court case that does not include a criminal charge. This is any dispute between any two parties, including breach of contract, personal injury claim, employment matter, and property dispute. All these cases are best held by civil litigators responsible for making the argument for you in the court of law and winning on your behalf. A civil litigator handles everything from drafting the documents, handling due diligence, examining the discovery, and making a solid argument. 

Moving on, let’s discuss what sort of work civil litigator is responsible for. 

Role of litigation lawyer

All the litigators are known to perform everything in a case. A civil litigator carries everything out by drafting the documents, sending the documents to the opposing party, including the statements of claim and defense, or making the arguments. Every good civil litigator is obligated to seek the best outcome for you. This is why it is wise always to hire a professional civil litigator to handle your case. There are several and specific complicated areas of civil litigation. One of the complex areas of litigation includes intellectual property or professional negligence cases. Since it is all about law, you must understand the importance of having someone at your side who is aware of it all if you are in a situation. 

A professional civil litigator is known to help you with the following: 

  • Drafting the documents 
  • Filing the case 
  • Sending the documents to the opposing party 
  • Taking care of due diligence 
  • Examining the discovery
  • Preparing the argument
  • Preparing the client for the argument
  • Fighting the case in the court of law
  • Finding the best solution 

Filing a class-action lawsuit in Canada is overly burdensome. Most people hire a law firm to file a lawsuit for themselves. This can be done in either the provincial court or the Supreme Court.