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Top ten questions you must ask a divorce lawyer

Divorce times are one of the most challenging times for individuals who do not find luck in their marriages. There are times when the divorce itself isn’t as painful as the divorce process itself. The reason is going through legal proceedings takes a sufficient amount of your time, effort, and money. 

Things become even more complicated when you hire an incompatible lawyer. So, it is highly recommended to do your homework well before you hire an attorney/lawyer since this decision of yours will actually help you in either lowering or elevating your stress. 

Related Facts

  • Statista explains that in 2020, almost 2.71 million people got divorced in Canada and did not marry again. 
  • According to, Canada came on the 29th list of 87 nations surveyed in terms of the highest divorce rate. 
  • It means one out of every 309 Canadians is divorced, taking the divorce probability to .324%. 

10 Essential Divorce Attorney Hiring Questions

How Experienced are You in Practicing Law?

You must select an experienced and skilled attorney since your divorce holds immense importance in your life. Of course, you do not want to take any chances by hiring an inexperienced/incompetent lawyer.

Are You having Enough Experience regarding the Specifications of My Case?

Divorce reasons differ for every couple. So, this means you should hire one who has already dealt with a divorce based on the same problems you face since such an experienced lawyer will enhance your chances of winning.

If Yes, were You able to Settle any of those Outside the Court?

Of course, no one wants to drag their divorce for long and wants to settle out of court only. This question will help you determine your attorney’s skills in settling a case similar to yours out of the court. 

How are You going to Charge Me?

Every attorney has a specific fixed rate, and it is mostly in hours only. Also, some attorneys even charge you over consultations/communication over the call and email. So, you must clarify every charging process and the related amount before you move forward. 

What is Your Ideal Divorce Approach?

Every lawyer will go through the same process as far as paperwork is concerned. However, you need to know what strategies they will adopt to settle your case fast. However, this should not mean they should keep moving to court for every little thing since it will simply add up to the pressure of the case. Ask them regarding their past approaches to a case similar to yours. 

Can You Tell the Time for Case Settlement?

Of course, no lawyer can tell you the exact time, but an experienced attorney will surely let you know about its approximate time. If they can respond well to this without providing you with a general answer, you can trust the attorney for his skills and expertise. 

Who be All Will Working on My Case?

There’s a lot of difference when an attorney handles the case compared to their paralegals. If this concerns you, you should ask this question and make the right decision. 

Are You having a Heavy Load of Cases at Present?

Your divorce is important to you, and you would want your attorney to pay full attention to your case. This won’t be possible if they are handling a plethora of cases simultaneously. 

Will You Be Available Via Email/Phone?

Regular communication is vital to ensure every little detail you and your attorney share with each other. Ask your lawyer how they can be reached for communicating and how early they are likely to respond to your queries. 

What are the Possible Case Outcomes?

 It would be best if you frankly asked your lawyer how many chances you have of winning the case. Yes, you may not expect the correct answer, but you wish an honest answer that will help you get mentally prepared.

The list mentioned above of questions will undeniably help you make the right decision while hiring an attorney for your case. If you are still searching for one, you can trust the expert team of Sabharwal Law Group. We have been providing successful divorce solutions to our clients for years. Contact us for any query to your case today itself!